Our Business

We create a new future for food production.

​​Global agriculture is at a major turning point. Climate change is making it difficult to provide a stable supply of crops.

It is said that raw vegetables and fruits will become super-premium fresh food in a few years.

In addition, there may be production methods and crops whose safety is questionable in the future.

iFarm is a start up that take on the challenge of creating the world's most advanced plant factory from Iceland.

We will build a sustainable food production system in Iceland, a country blessed with renewable energy.

Iceland generates every electricity from renewable sources such as geothermal and hydropower.

We will create a sustainable food production system that can provide food that is stable, planned, safe, nutritious, above all, delicious regardless of the climate by utilizing renewable sources that has less impact on the environment.

We create a production and distribution system that can deliver fresh Japanese strawberries to people in Europe.

We challenge to start the production of Japanese brand-strawberries which we bring their seedlings from Japan.

We are challenging to create a production, harvesting, and distribution system that enables us to deliver strawberries harvested in the morning to people in Europe in the evening of the same day.We are trying to become the No. 1 strawberry producer in Europe.